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Set of 2 Tires Starting at $9.99*

 Set of 2 Tires Starting at $9.99*

Model: Varies

*Price is an example, actual price will depend on brand and size of tire.

Pick up new tires to give you ease of mind on the road. Shop through our selection of reliable tires to fit all price ranges and vehicle needs to provide safety and reliability for your ride. Price includes tires and installation. What you pay depends on the tire, size etc. Appliance & Furniture RentAll allows you to get Brand New, Name Brand Tires at an affordable weekly or monthly rate, installed by your neighborhood professionals. No credit check, no hassle and no more used tires!

$519.48 Total RTO* or substantially less with Early Purchase Option

Full Cost of Ownership

* Payments based on rent-to-own agreements (RTO). Some items not available at all locations.

* This is a rental-purchase agreement and no ownership rights are acquired until total amount is paid or early buyout is exercised. Some products may be new or pre-rented. Example: $17.99 x 104 weeks = $1870.96 PLUS TAX.