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Swagtron Electric Mountain Bike

 Swagtron Electric Mountain Bike

Model: Swagtron EB15 Viper

You can cruise effortlessly on throttle only, then engage pedal assistance when you need that boost up daunting hills. If you want to go faster or farther, put pedal to pavement and ride the EB15 like a traditional bike.

It features 26-inch wheels with anti-slip tread tires that will deliver more than enough traction to tackle dirt trails, uneven pavement, and steep inclines with confidence.

You have the option, go full throttle, ride pedal-only, or use pedal-assist for an added boost whenever you want it. Plus you can set speed limits for younger riders.

You can climb steep trails, summit peaks, and amplify your adventure with the Viper's whisper-quiet drive system which is engineered for peak performance and outstanding reliability. Also a dual front/rear suspension system that will keep the ride as comfortable as possible on either smooth pavement or rough terrain.

You will be able to quickly swap the old battery with a new, fresh one. And bring the old battery home or to the office with you to charge up for your next adventure.

$2911.09 Total RTO* or substantially less with Early Purchase Option

Full Cost of Ownership

* Payments based on rent-to-own agreements (RTO). Some items not available at all locations.

* This is a rental-purchase agreement and no ownership rights are acquired until total amount is paid or early buyout is exercised. Some products may be new or pre-rented. Example: $17.99 x 104 weeks = $1870.96 PLUS TAX.